The Enterprise Europe Network is the world’s largest support network for small and medium sized businesses (SMEs) with international ambitions. It has 3,000 experts across 600 member organisations in more than 60 countries. Member organisations include chambers of commerce and industry, technology centres, and research institutes.


In Italy the network is composed from 55 partner organizations. They are partners belonging to the chamber system, business associations, development agencies, research centers, universities, laboratories, technology parks, local authorities.

There are six consortia Enterprise Europe Network in Italy:



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The Network helps ambitious SMEs innovate and grow internationally. It provides international business expertise with local knowledge across a range of targeted services:

  • Partnership
  • Advisory
  • Innovation support

The Network manages Europe’s largest database of business opportunities. With the profiles in the database, Network experts can help businesses forge international partnerships with excellent growth potential.


The main objectives of the network:


Information, competitiveness and internationalization

The slogan chosen for the Network is “a European network to help SMEs to grow, innovate and internationalize” which summarizes one of the main objectives:  bring the EU companies through a comprehensive information service on the themes of EU, on the programs and EU policies. The network also supports the SMEs in their internationalization processes to improving their competitiveness. In this sense, the Enterprise Europe Network aims to provide assistance to:


–              Obtain information on policies, legislation and EU opportunities,

–              Identify appropriate development strategies and improving competitiveness;

–              Promoting internationalization processes through the identification of business partners;

–              Promote access to the EU’s financial instruments.


Innovation and technology transfer

The network attributes maximum Importance to the Innovation and the technology transfer as tool for strengthening the competitiveness of regional economies, stimulating the collaboration between the academic world and the world of companies. In this context, the Enterprise Europe Network aims to provide assistance to small and medium enterprises to:


  • Identify technological needs and potential research partners a regional level, national and European;
  • Enhance the result of the activity of Research and Technological Development;
  • Develop new products, new processes and obtain information about the existing opportunities in the field of innovation and technological development;
  • Receive support on aspects of technical and legal character, What are the RIGHTS Intellectual Property.


SME participation in EU programs

Enterprise Europe Network supports the Participation of Small and medium-sized enterprises within the European Union, in particular to Horizon 2020 Programs, Framework Programme for EU Research. The Enterprise Europe Network Activities in this Scope:

  • Information on the contents of the Program;
  • Monitoring of opportunities;
  • Research partners;
  • Pre-screening of the project idea;
  • Planning support.


Participation in Decision-making process of the EU

Enterprise Europe Network supports the Participation of Small and medium-sized enterprises to the EU consultation on legislation, regulations, etc. Programs

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