In Italy are part of the network 55 partner organizations, actually belonging to the chamber system, business associations, development agencies, research centers, universities, laboratories, technology parks, local authorities.

There are 6 consortia Enterprise Europe Network in Italy:

B.R.I.D.G.€conomies –

The network provides an integrated system of services to help companies to identify new business partners, technology and manufacturing abroad; to support innovation and technology transfer and to promote the participation of SMEs in Horizon 2020

All Italian partners are able to inform companies on major European issues related to the business world and research, providing them with the tools to be more competitive on international markets.

The territorial proximity to SMEs also allows you to study the specific business needs and to grasp the needs and potential of enterprises, providing valuable feedback to the European Union on the internal market issues and / or obstacles encountered by businesses, because of incorrect application of the EU regulations or a lack of specific rules.

The main objectives of the network:

    • Information, competitiveness and internationalization

The slogan chosen for the Network is “a European network to help SMEs to grow, innovate and go international ” which summarizes one of the main objectives is to bring the European Union companies, through a capillary service of information on EU issues, on the programs and EU policies. The network also supports the SMEs in their internationalization processes and improving competitiveness. In this sense, the Enterprise Europe Network aims to provide assistance:

  • obtain information on policies, legislation and EU opportunities,
  • identify appropriate development strategies and improving competitiveness;
  • promote the internationalization process by identifying business partners;
  • promote access to the EU’s financial instruments;
    • Innovation and technology transfer

The network attaches great importance to innovation and technology transfer as a tool for strengthening the competitiveness of regional economies, by stimulating collaboration between academia and the business world. aims to provide assistance to small and medium enterprises in this context, the Enterprise Europe Network to:

  • identify technological needs and potential research partners at regional, national and European;
  • exploit the results of research and technological development;
  • develop new products, new processes and obtain information about the opportunities in the field of innovation and technological development;
  • receive support on technical and legal aspects, such as intellectual property rights.
    • SME participation in EU programs

Enterprise Europe Network supports the participation of small and medium-sized enterprises to EU programs and in particular to the Horizon 2020 Framework Programme for EU research. The Enterprise Europe Network activities in this area:

  • Information on the program content;
  • monitoring of existing opportunities;
  • partners research;
  • pre-screening of the project idea;
  • design support.
    • Participation in the decision-making process of the EU

Enterprise Europe Network supports the participation of SMEs to the EU consultation on legislation, regulations, programs etc.

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