Advice for international growth

Information and consultation on EU legislation, European policies, single market and international standards.

Enterprise Europe Network provides advise on European legislation, EU policies, single market opportunities and international standards; collaborates with local institutions and stakeholders in order to benefits from the opportunities offered by the European Union.

Strategy for foreign markets

Enterprise Europe Network identifies companies potentials, strengths and weaknesses in order to realize an action plan to access foreign markets. Enterprise Europe Network offers an integrated system of services helping companies to identify new commercial and technological partners abroad.

Support for start-ups, spin-offs, scale ups, new entrepreneurship

Enterprise Europe Network supports business creation, business and research spin-offs, start-ups and scale-ups, providing taylor made assistance in order to identify the best financing opportunities , access to finance opportunities and assessment of business plan.

International partner search

Partner search for commercial, scientific and technological cooperation

Enterprise Europe Network supports companies to improve their competitiveness and to compete in an international dimension through a specialized service of partner search:

  1. Business Partners;
  2. Technological Partners;
  3. Research Partners for European projects.

Enterprise Europe Network promotes cooperation between companies and research institutions/universities organizing B2B /R2B events, commercial and technological missions, (including virtual ones), generally in the framework of international trade fairs or conferences.

Enterprise Europe Network also organizes company missions abroad and partner search activity through the Partnership Opportunity Database (POD): the largest European database of company profilest to promote commercial, technological and research cooperation opportunities.

International B2B meetings, trade missions and international fairs

Enterprise Europe Network promotes cooperation between companies and research institutions/universities organizing and promoting B2B/R2B meetings, commercial and technological missions, (including virtual ones), generally in the framework of international trade fairs or conferences.

The services are taylored and aimed to provide all the information necessary to expand business abroad.

Partner search for European projects

Enterprise Europe Network provides relevant information on European funding programs, supports companies, researchers and/or local authorities to find foreign partners to join transnational consortia aimed at participating in European project.

Support for business innovation

Analysis and enhancement of innovation management capacity

Enterprise Europe Network offers innovative companies a set of support services through specific assessment tools that include:

  • a still image of own ability to manage innovation and its processes;
  • a comparison between their own performances and those of a selected benchmarking group.

Enterprise Europe Network offers subsequent specialist assistance to:

  • identify innovation needs;
  • plan the actions to be taken in order to enhance innovation management capacity and increase the company’s competitiveness on markets.

Assistance on intellectual and industrial property rights topics

Enterprise Europe Network organizes:

  • training and information seminars on IPR news, in order to keep SMEs and research centers constantly updated on financial opportunities and other issues related to the strategic choices of patents, trademarks and models filing and extension;
  • training activities on licensing topics, especially relations between companies from different countries aiming at their patent assets enhancement through licenses and assignments;
  • customized support services for inventors, research centers and SMEs, interested in identifying the best tools for international protection and promotion of their innovations.

Support for technology transfer/open innovation

Enterprise Europe Network offers services to support innovation and technology transfer processes, based on open innovation model to encourage interaction between research groups and companies:

  • audit and technology assessment services;
  • initiatives to promote and disseminate innovation and development projects results;
  • organization of B2B/R2B events and company missions;
  • scientific and technological partners search

Promotion of research results

Enterprise Europe Network offers the opportunity of identifying interesting technologies among thousands of profiles from its Partnership Opportunity Database (POD):

  • Technology Requests: aimed to search for a specific technology and improve it, prototype it or validate it;
  • Technology Offers: aimed to promote own technology (patented or not) to potential partners interested in implementing or using it;
  • Partner Search: aimed to find partners in order to participate in European research projects.

Improvement of sustainability
Enterprise Europe Network helps SMEs to simplify their transition toward economic, social and environmental sustainability, one of the main priorities of the European Commission.

Enterprise Europe Network, through an individual assistance, offers the following services:

  • assessment of the company’s level of sustainability;
  • drafting of the sustainability action plan;·
  • advice on the  implementation of  the action plan;

Support for digitalisation

Enterprise Europe Network helps SMEs in their process of digital transformation aimed at enhancing business processes by increasing efficiency, safety, productivity and quality of results.
Enterprise Europe Network provides services such as:

  • audit and digital assessment tools;·
  • training/information events;
  • promotion/dissemination of new technological and organizational solutions.

Access to finance

Advice on access to finance:

Enterprise Europe Network informs  companies on the opportunities offered by the European Union through the European Investment Bank (EIB) and the European Investment Fund (EIF), provided thanks to the collaboration with  intermediaries in the Member States, in the form of loans, guarantees, microloans and risk capital. Enterprise Europe Network also provides information on alternative sources of financing such as crowd funding, minibond, etc.

Support on European funding programs (Horizon Europe etc..): 

Enterprise Europe Network supports the participation of SMEs and research groups in European Union programs and in particular in Horizon Europe and many other initiatives. The Enterprise Europe Network activity in this area focuses in particular on:

  • information and guidance on the contents of the programs;
  • monitoring of existing opportunities;
  • support for partner search.

Contacts with Italian and international investors/public/private: 

Enterprise Europe Network organizes multi-sector B2I events to support companies, startups, scaleups, spinoffs in direct contacts with public/private investors.

Support for start-ups, spin-offs, scale ups, new entrepreneurship: 

Enterprise Europe Network, through financial analysis and assessment services, supports business creation, business and research spin-offs, start-ups and scale-ups, providing tailored assistance to find the best financing opportunities and assessment of the  business plan.