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Business request: BRDE20220609005

Title: A German distributor of kids’ balance bikes is looking for a European manufacturer of 10″ and 12.5″ wheels with polyamide rims and airless EVA (ethylene vinyl acetate) tyres for the bikes.

Short summary

A German company is specialising in the distribution of kids’ balance bikes. It is looking for a new reliable partner in the EU for the production of 10″ and 12.5″ wheels for kids’ balance bikes in the long term. The rims should be made of polyamide or similar, the airless tyres should be made of EVA (ethylene vinyl acetate).

Technology request: TRNL20220601016

Title: A Dutch healthcare organisation is looking for technologies and solutions to make elderly wheelchair users totally independent in their toilet visit.

Short summary

A Dutch healthcare organisation is looking for new ideas, solutions, and technologies to make elderly wheelchair users totally independent in their toilet visit. Within the care there is a growing urgency and necessity for this type of innovation. Companies, academics, or inventors are sought via a research cooperation agreement. This technology request is part of an innovation challenge and is published on an open innovation platform from the 6th of June and will close on the 11th of July.

Research & Development Request: RDRLT20220617006

Title: The Lithuanian company is looking for a partnership to develop an in vivo implantable arterial blood pressure biosensor.

Short summary

A Lithuanian company specializing in medical devices is looking for a partner to create an implantable prototype of a medical device for continuous measurement of arterial blood pressure. The company is looking for industrial R&D partners under cooperation sought.

Deadline for Expression of interest 31/12/2022

Technology Request: TRES20220531012

Title: Technology for using mineral wastes as raw materials for additive manufacturing of cement and concrete

Short summary

A Spanish Technological Center leader in the development and implementation of new technologies for the non-energy mining sector is looking for Scientific-technical organizations (companies, Universities, start-ups, Technological Centers).with expertise in the application of imaging spectroscopy techniques for the location and evaluation of abandoned mine sites in order to map mineral potential for recycling purposes for mapping the spatial distribution of mineral compositions in order to reach a research cooperation agreement.

Business Request: BRES20220610001

Title: A Spanish asphalt mixes producer requests solid bitumen and bitumen drum melters under supplier agreement

Short summary

A Spanish company specialized in asphalt and road construction with more than 70 years of experience in the sector, looks for solid bitumen and bitumen drum melters for making different types of asphalt mixes in its manufacturing process. The firm is interested particularly in products that can already be found in the market. The Spanish company is looking for cooperation partners in the form of supplier agreement.

Business Request: BRUA20220521002

Title: A Ukrainian company that produces luxury upholstered furniture is looking for suppliers of components for its products under a manufacturing agreement

Short summary:

The Ukrainian company produces luxury upholstered furniture, eg. beds, sofas, chairs, ottomans. In the production process, the company constantly needs a variety of functional and decorative components. The company is looking for mechanisms for bed frame, bed frames, mechanisms of transformation, board lumber, fabrics for furniture, fabrics for mattresses, bolts, self-tapping screws, brackets for furniture.

The company wants to find new partners for profitable long-term cooperation. The desired kind of contract is a manufacturing agreement.

Research & Development Request: RDRFR20220425017

Title: Eurostars – End-user or manufacturer of aluminium parts sought for a Eurostars project aiming at improving material performances thanks to clean micro-arc oxidation processes

Short summary:

A French SME specialised in micro-arc oxidation (MAO) coating allowing industrial aeronautical parts to reach high mechanical and chemical properties intends to adjust this REACH-compliant process to other sectors. The company is looking for a end-user partner to submit an Eurostars proposals aiming at adjusting the process to parts dedicated to other applications: Transportation, medical, hydraulics…

The SME sought will be involved in the identification of materials performances and constraints according to its sector, supply of parts to be processed and validation of processed parts. The SME sought may also coordinate the proposal.

Call deadline: 15/09/22
EOI deadline: 01/08/22

Business Request BRUK20211216001

Title: UK-based SME seeks chemical manufacturers and suppliers for their innovative pest monitoring and management systems

Short summary:

The UK-based SME is looking for an industrial partner that operates in the chemical industry supplying businesses and can manufacture or supply 1,1-Dimethylethyl-4 (or 5)-chloro-methylcyclohexanecarboxylate (Trimedlure) at a cost below $200 / kg. Established experience of manufacturing and supplying for the agricultural sector is advantageous.

It is envisaged that the partnership will take the form of a manufacturing agreement or a supplier agreement. It is expected that the chemical manufacturing / supply partner would provide the UK-based SME with the required amounts of the Trimedlure at the expected quality as required. The UK-based SME will pay for the Trimeldure on terms to be agreed with the partner and will use it for their products.

Partnership considered: Manufacturing agreement; Supplier agreement

Deadline: 13 Jan 2023

Technology Request TRBG20211214001

Title: Bulgarian company is looking for innovative technology to optimize the manufacturing and lacquering of wooden legs and other furniture details, striving to update or diversify its product range and to appeal to a wider market

Short summary:

Bulgarian SME is looking for innovative technology by partners from Italy, Poland, Slovenia, Sweden or Turkey to optimize the manufacturing and lacquering processes of wooden furniture legs and other wooden furniture details, under commercial agreement with technical assistance.

Partners experienced in the described technological equipment for wood-processing and wood-lacquering are sought. They should have international market knowledge, experience in wood-processing technology, chemical technology and creative thinking. The technological partners have to be able to assist the Bulgarian company by detailing all the techniques that can be realized by the technology line required.

Partnership considered: Commercial agreement with technical assistance

Deadline: 06 Jan 2023

Business Request BRUA20211213002

Title:    A Ukrainian firm is looking for suppliers of sowing, planting equipment and front loaders under commercial agency and distribution agreements

Short summary:         

Ukrainian SME is one of the leading suppliers of agricultural machinery and spare parts in Ukraine. It offers a wide range of agricultural machinery from both domestic and foreign manufacturers.

It seeks suppliers of sowing, planting equipment and front loaders under commercial agency and distribution agreements.

The main request is for high quality, a reasonable price, and the possibility of obtaining exclusive distribution rights.

The potential partner should be able to provide a stable supply of high-quality products.

An exclusive distribution contract covering the Ukrainian market is desirable if the potential supplier is not already selling on the Ukrainian market.

Partnership considered: Commercial agency agreement, Distribution services agreement

Deadline 06 Jan 2023

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