Ottobre 2022: esplora le ultime opportunità in arrivo da Enterprise Europe Network!

Questo mese abbiamo selezionato dalla Banca Dati EEN i seguenti profili per te:

Business Offer: BOSI20220930008

Title: A Slovenian company, the largest private coffee roastery in Slovenia, offers roasting and packaging of coffee to trade companies and supermarket chains under their brand name (white label) under manufacturing agreement.

Summary: A Slovenian company from the Primorska region, the largest private coffee roastery in Slovenia, offers roasting and white label packaging of coffee to trading companies and supermarket chains for their own brands via manufacturing agreement. The company provides comprehensive support in accordance with the wishes of the customers, from the selection of appropriate quality coffee blends, preparation and design of personalized packaging, to packaging and on-time delivery.

Business request: BODE20220907015

Title: German SME offers immunome and antibody epitope mapping and further applications for peptides based on novel approach for rapid and economic screening of extremely large peptide libraries

Summary: A small German company specialized in epitope mapping is looking for business partners to expand its operations internationally. The company was founded to commercialize novel ways in the exploitation of combinatorial peptide libraries for the identification of binders, utilized, for example, in the characterization of antibodies. The company is privately owned and continuously expanding the application areas of its technologies.

Technology offer: TOKR20220930001

Title: A Korean company specialized in digital healthcare is seeking global partners for remote health monitoring solution using smartphone camera

Summary: A Korean company specialized in digital healthcare has developed a health monitoring solution which can measure heart rate, blood pressure, stress and respiratory using a smartphone camera. This solution helps to measure health information without a pressure cuff or smartwatch. Any organisation in need of such a technology can be a potential partner.

Business request: BRBE20220929020

Title: Belgium company is looking for manufacturers of interior and/or exterior products for distribution in the European market.

Summary: A Belgian commercial company is looking for an exclusive distribution agreement or an acquisition agreement. This company has a strong network in the interior & exterior finishing products and looks for a manufacturer of innovative products and this for both type of agreements. The expertise is the business & sales development, the brand promotion and this within the European market.

Business request: BRUA20220929019

Title: Ukrainian company is looking for new licenses for the production of apple drinks (cider)

Summary: The Ukrainian company is interested in expanding the range of refreshing drinks from apple juice. Now the company is actively produced the directly pressed apple juice. As part of its growth strategy into new international markets, the company would like to find experienced cider producers who would be interested in manufacturing and marketing its products under licence.

Technology offer: TOUA20220929018

Title: Ukrainian research group offers ballast water treatment system for the environmental protection of the World Ocean and looking for financial agreement.

Summary: A Ukrainian research group has developed an innovative solution of the problems of environmental safety, cleanliness and safety of the World Ocean, reducing the level of invasive inclusions in ship’s ballast water. The main idea is aimed at creating modern ballast water treatment systems (BWTS) that meets the requirements of regulation D-2 of IMO Convention. They are looking for a financial agreement with shipyards, shipyards or cruise ships to set up mass production of the device.

Business request: BRSE20220913005

Title: Swedish reseller of baby/children products are looking for European manufacturers of children silicone products.

Summary: A Swedish reseller of baby/children products and toys are looking for manufacturer of children silicone products, such as plates, mugs, teething rings and toys. The company are now looking for long-term manufacturing agreement with European-based manufacturers of white-label silicone-based children products.

Technology request: BOPT20220826009

Title: Looking for high-resolution 0.1 nephelometric turbidity unit (NTU) turbidimeters or probes for checking the level of water transparency in private house swimming pools

Summary: A French company specialises in equipment for swimming pool for individuals. In order to reduce electricity consumption for cleaning water by filtration system, the SME needs to measure online small turbidity variations to inform the energy management unit to start or to stop the filtration. The SME seeks high-resolution turbidimeters or probes (0.1 NTU). A commercial agreement with technical assistance or a technical cooperation is sought with a long-term partner manufacturing such instruments.

Technology Request: TRDE20220926006

Title: Intelligent solution sought for calculating construction costs for new projects based on price data from former years

Summary: A large German airport operator is looking for a digital solution to forecast the construction costs of new projects by processing and evaluating construction price data of completed projects.

Business Request: BRAT20220927016

Title: Austrian Trade company is looking for natural hair soap producers (50 – 80 grams/piece)

Summary: The Austrian client which is a trading company mainly working in e-commerce (B2C) is looking for a supplier of natural hair soaps from European countries. The soap size should be between 50 – 80 grams (open for different natural scents) and branded packaging would be preferred. The producing company should meet following requirements: high quality producer, prototype before first order, fast implementation and delivery, long time partner.

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